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Expert Marketing
in Minutes

With one platform Amarki combines all things marketing to help REALTORS connect with their audience in meaningful, innovative ways across print, social, email, advertising and everything marketing related.


Drive Real Estate
Marketing with Ease

The benefits of automation are infinite and always positive! Imagine a world where you log into one platform to manage 100% of your real estate marketing needs! Picture a system that handles your real estate marketing templates, mailers, every door direct mail, social postings, email and more with a single sign-on. Our benefits include but are not limited to:

✓ Save Time
✓ Automate Marketing Campaigns
✓ Ensure Branding and Compliance
✓ Easy-to-Use
✓ Customizable

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Fully Automated Marketing

Amarki makes prospecting and property marketing easy.  We have everything from single job processing capability to fully automated, data driven campaigns. The materials you can create for real estate marketing are limitless

✓ Every Door Direct Mail
✓ Postcards
✓ Property Flyers
✓ Marketing Presentations
✓ Business Cards
✓ Email
✓ Social Postings
✓ Digital Downloads
✓ Yard Signs
✓ Promotional Products

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Everything in One Place

We have brought together many of the systems you already love using and made them all talk to each other while orchestrating all the tasks between them in one experience.

Whether your agents are doing their own marketing, or you have an internal marketing team, Amarki can provide you Expert Marketing in minutes!

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Consolidated Reporting, Measurable ROI

We are here for large corporate organizations as well as stand-alone real estate brokerages.  We are designed to help you run your business at an organizational level.

We are not a plug and play platform, we are a company-changing one!

Our platform is designed to handle a multi-tiered real estate organization seamlessly. From real estate agents to real estate companies, we can help.

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    Company and Broker Pricing

    *At this time we are not offering Amarki to individual real estate agents. If you are interested, please share our platform with your broker or company. If they love us as much as you do, we will provide you with a gift card for print credit once your real estate team is on board and working with us!